Tree Stump Removal

Get rid of that unsightly mess for good!

Do you have one or possibly more than one tree stumps in your yard that are just sitting there, creating an unsightly focal point in your yard? At Amigos Tree Service, we can help! Our professionally-trained team does the dirty work for you, and will get those nasty old stumps out of your yard forever. We offer Greater Austin tree services to restore your outdoor space to its former glory.

Removing your old, dead tree stumps can:

  • Remove health risks to your yard and garden
  • Make your yard look more attractive
  • Create happiness for you and your neighbors

Let us do the hard work for you, so you can reclaim your yard! If you are looking for a Greater Austin tree service to remove tree stumps in your yard or neighborhood, give us our team a call at (512) 740-0211 today!

Why Choose Us?

  • Tony, the owner is always the person who will contact you and is mostly on site.
  • Knowledgeable crew, a big family of workers who want to do a good job.
  • We don't get paid until the customer is happy.
  • Residential and commercial work, no job is too small
  • Referring customers get a price cut next time they need work.
  • Spanish speaking clients are always welcome.